Hi, I’m Nils – a designer and creative developer. With a background in industrial design and a passion for software, I aim to explore where the physical and digital world meet. To enable new experiences.

I worked for
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I've worked both as an employee, and as a freelancer. These are my favourite projects.


A smart water meter, displayed at the Dutch Design Week

AquaDigital is a retrofit device to make any water meter smart within minutes.

Inspiration Boards

Keeping track of our clients

A Pinterest-like tool with a focus on user access control and data retention for use in corporate environments.

ID Study Association

A new member portal

As one of Delft's largest study associations, ID organises activities for Industrial Design Engineering students at the TU Delft, ranging from parties to a business fair.


In my spare time I create other... things. Usually there's some type of programming, hardware or 3D printing involved. These are the projects I'm proud to share.

I built my own custom Frankenstein headphones from my AIAIAI TMA-2 Wireless and my trusty Sennheiser HD25’s. Here’s why and how.

If you’ve ever wondered how machine learning can be used to combine the sound of something like a flute and a snare, you have probably come across Magenta ...

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